Atlassian GreenHopper 5: Even Better Agile Planning

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I love the Atlassian tools. At work we are sadly running way behind on the newest versions. Thanks to the Atlassian Starter licenses I can afford to fool around with the newest versions on my personal projects. Integrating the whole suite will give you a very strong support environment for your development.

About two weeks ago, Atlassian announced the 5.0 release of their agile planning tool GreenHopper. It is a great tool for creating and managing your project’s user stories, tasks and sprints. The drag and drop interface that allows you to move cards from sprint to sprint just like moving a post-it on a board has been improved. It now allows for editing almost anything on a task in-place, without having to leave the planning board.

Sadly I have not yet had the chance to try this project in an actual team. I mean, dragging cards across versions and sprints is cool, even when you are the only person on the project, but GreenHopper’s real power is in working with agile teams. Luckily there is light on the horizon. Next month I am going to participate in a relatively small innovation project, to perform some rapid prototyping. I have the responsibility for the development methodology and process and I intend to make full use of GreenHopper and demonstrate its value to at least the customer. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally upgrade the corporate software as well 🙂