SpringSource Application Platform – My Holy Grail

The SpringSource Application Platform has been in beta for some time now. In my rare free time I have been playing with it’s amazing set of features. Now that the platform is nearing its final release I want to share some of my thoughts about it.

I have been a fan of modular design even before I switched to my first Object Oriented Language. Although languages like Visual Basic, C++ and Java provide you with the means of building modular software, none ever enforce it. No matter how strict I design modules in my application, they somehow always get tangled up in each other.

That is until I started working with the beta of the SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP). By dividing my application into bundles I can make a truly modular application. Sure, this was already possible with OSGi runtimes, but that required a lot of plumbing and platform management.

The S2AP takes away all hassles and allows me to focus on designing and implementing a truly modular application. Adding a few OSGi-related configuration directives to my context xml enables almost all advanced features of OSGi. Combine that with the huge amount of pre-bundled enterprise libraries and the full Spring Framework at your disposal and you have the ultimate enterprise application platform!

I have been completely taken in by the ease of development and deployment with the SpringSource Application Platform. I certainly hope to use the platform in future projects and I will definitely try to convince other people to do the same. If you ask me, the SpringSource Application Platform is the future of Java EE and other application servers will have to follow in its direction.

Having said that, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am working on a whitepaper on the SpringSource Application Platform. There I will dive deeper into my experiences with the platform so far. The timeframe on the whitepaper is a release before the end of this year.

JH out.