Integrating a JavaFX UI with regular Java – Part 1

When JavaFX was first released, I didn’t give it much attention, as it felt like yet another visualization platform. With the latest release of JavaFX 1.3 and a project requiring a ‘fancy’ user interface, it was time to give it a try. The surprise came quickly: after downloading NetBeans and the JavaFX runtime, I was […]

Spring hand in hand with Swing Application Framework

Starting work on a new application is always a fun period. You get to choose all your frameworks from scratch and you are not limited by any previous mistakes (or decisions, as some call them). For this particular project I had to come up with an architecture that would support a graphical interface, easy configuration […]

Easy Event-Driven Application With Spring!

Suppose you are making an event-driven application. You have your listener interfaces and your event-generating objects. What is the most annoying part of getting this all to work? Connecting your listeners to the event-generating objects. Every time you want some object to receive certain events, you have to register your listener with the correct producer […]

New Concurrency Classes in Java 7

I just read a few posts on the new concurrency classes available in the upcoming Java 7. Altough I haven’t yet had the time to dive into them, the fork-join library and parallel collections seem very promising. See for yourself:

Eclipse Galileo and NTLMv2 Proxies

While configuring the newest installment of Eclipse, Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo), I ran into some proxy trouble. After setting the proxy-configuration, the ‘Install New Software…’ window would structurally say ‘No repository found on <location>’. After some Googling and researching, it appears to be a problem with Eclipse’s underlying URL/Proxy handling library. This library is now Apache […]

Configure JBoss WS on a multiple network interfaces

The JBoss WebServices package is a nice library to get your webservice kickstarted in no-time. One of its features is the automatic generation of a WSDL for your webservice endpoint. There is however a slight annoyance when you try to use this on a machine with two network interfaces. On a single interface machine, JBoss […]

SpringSource Application Platform – My Holy Grail

The SpringSource Application Platform has been in beta for some time now. In my rare free time I have been playing with it’s amazing set of features. Now that the platform is nearing its final release I want to share some of my thoughts about it. I have been a fan of modular design even […]


I am currently reading ‘Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code’ by Martin Fowler and one of his tips made me smile: Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. It made me smile because it is spot-on when it comes to clean and maintainable […]