SpringOne 2008

This year’s SpringOne conference is being held this week in Antwerp, Belgium. I will be attending this conference on behalf of my employer. Blogposts about interesting talks there should show up here starting next friday. I am going to try to crosspost the same posts in Dutch at the JCN Blog.

See for more information about SpringOne: SpringOne 2008 website


SpringSource Application Platform

As SpringSource released its first beta version of the SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP), my attention was jerked towards it. In order to get to know more about this new project from Spring I attended a webinar last week. The platform looks very promising in terms of used technologies and the features it offers.

So what is S2AP?

The S2AP is the Spring Dynamic Modules Kernel, running on top of Equinox, hosting a Tomcat server, with a specialized management interface, with some funky new advantages. So you get a Java EE application server with OSGi dynamic modules and all the power of the Spring Framework. Awesome!

The platform aims at being a lightweight, customizable Java EE Server, with a preference for Spring-oriented applications. The platform has no trouble running applications that were not built with Spring technologies though, it accepts standard Java EE WAR-files and also standard OSGi bundles.

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