IntelliJ Live Template Tip – Autowired Dependencies

Do you type these lines a lot? @Autowired private MyAwesomeService myAwesomeService; Then try adding a Live Template to your IntelliJ settings that helps you reduce the number of keystrokes. Go to your Settings (Cmd+, on Mac or Ctrl+Alt+S on Windows) and find the Live Templates panel. On the right, select the ‘other’-group and click on […]

Spring Context Mix-Ups

While trying to add caching to a bean in my client’s project, I ran into some strange behaviour. The project already used caching on several components and used the @Cacheable annotation with an EhCache backing store. I added a cache definition to the ehcache.xml file and put the @Cacheable annotation on the method, recompiled, tested… […]

Returning Groovy’s GStringImpl in a Jersey endpoint

I started playing around with some technologies to try and increase my productivity when building RESTful APIs. The current setup I am using has Groovy, Spring 4, Jackson 2 and Jersey 2. The project is built by Gradle and runs on the Google AppEngine. A post describing the way this project was setup will follow […]

Is Spring Boot rebooting Spring’s Ease of Use?

Spring started out as a ‘small’ Dependency Injection container, which gave the Java world a whole new direction. Especially on the area of Java Enterprise, it offered innovations which allowed for faster and easier development of new Java applications. In the last few years, Spring has grown enormously as a framework. The basics are still […]

Using Apache CXF to connect to Microsoft Dynamics

A few weeks back a friend of mine approached me with a request. His client was building an application which was supposed to connect to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM. However, they were unable to get any decent response from the CRM Server and needed a little help. My friend and I took up the task […]

The Road to an Agile Project – Visualize!

Hello and welcome back! In this series of posts I am trying to give other teams of developers out there some path to embracing agile methodologies, such as Scrum. Previously, in my Prequel post, I described how you could start doing regular standup meetings in any type of project to increase your teams awareness about […]

The Road to an Agile Project – The Prequel

Well hullo there! It has been quite some time since my last post. A lot has happened recently, some of which prevented me from posting regularly. Let’s just blame the current economic conditions for that. Since my last post, we have pretty much finished our JavaFX project. I was at the NLJUG’s JFall where I […]

JavaFX’s largest annoyance

JavaFX is great for building user interfaces. There is however one large annoyance that is probably considered a feature. JavaFX swallows NullPointerExceptions, among others. NPE’s are meant to signal development errors. In other words, if you see an NPE, you can call your developer and tell him he screwed up. Some developers even need them […]

JavaFX : Centering Controls

Across the blogosphere, I found a post on how to center controls by using binding. The proposed method certainly works, but there is a catch. When you are doing your layout by binding the layoutX and layoutY properties of your controls, you may experience a degradation of performance while resizing or scrolling. This will probably […]