Apple Mail And Outlook: Making Signatures Interoperable

Recently I switched from using Windows and Outlook at work to my brand-spankin’ new MacBook with Apple Mail. The first thing I ran into was getting replies to my emails that my signature was all borked.

After a long search I have finally been able to fix these so they look good in my colleagues’ Outlook. The problem lies with the editor in Apple Mail, somehow it just makes completely borked HTML that Outlook interprets differently.

The good news is that the solution is devilishly simple. Just follow these steps for each signature you want:

  • Create the signature in Apple Mail
  • Save the signature
  • Close Apple Mail
  • Open ~/Library/Mail/Signatures
  • Open one of the .webarchive files with TextEdit
  • Make the signature the way you want it in TextEdit
  • Save it and re-open Mail and you’re done!